Intergenerational Mediation


Intergenerational mediation helps older adults engage with their families and/or others (e.g. healthcare providers, estate lawyers, financial institutions, long term care facilities, retirement homes, etc.) to facilitate planning of personal, financial, and health care decisions. Evidence shows that people who can clearly communicate and develop financial, personal and health plans for their elder years, are less distressed and anxious when faced with a health crisis and are more satisfied with decisions made. 1,2

Research also shows that communication and planning can reduce conflicts within families.3 Addressing issues early through mediation mitigates conflict and improves, preserves, or even restores relationships and ensures the older adult experiences an optimal quality of life.

Comprehensive Aging Plans


We plan for all our life events; aging should be no different. Some include birthing plans, financial plans, and retirement plans and now we can include comprehensive aging plans. To ensure a quality of life acceptable to you, it is best to plan for your potential aging needs in advance. 

Comprehensive aging plans provide an opportunity for deep self reflection; considering how you what to live and the resources required. This can be done in collaboration with your financial advisor or estate planner, or as a complementary service that will consider your whole person as well as your relationships with others. 

During this process, a comprehensive assessment will help you reflect and articulate your current and potential future state in regards to health, finances, connections, home, safety, transportation, community and support services. We will then help you develop goals and priorities. Finally, we will develop a plan that meets your expectations.   

Ethics Services

  • Ethics Program Development

    In the spirit of aligning the mission, vision, and values of each institution with organizational practice, support is provided in the identification of each organization’s unique ethics needs. Compassionate Consultant will then develop context specific integrated ethics programming and structures that meet these unique needs.

  • Healthcare Accreditation Preparation

    Principle based care and decision-making is a common priority of accreditation. Accreditation bodies are interested in standardized clinical and organizational ethics frameworks to help guide clinical and organizational decision-making. The goal of Compassionate Consultant is to prepare the healthcare organization to meet the ethics standards of various accreditation bodies (e.g., Accreditation Canada).

  • Organizational Ethics Support

    Working with leaders and their teams, there are several opportunities for an ethics service to support the organization’s mission, vision and values as well as the existing decision-making frameworks. These opportunities include: advising and assisting in the development or revision of ethics related policies; supporting and developing the ethics committee or other ethics supporting structures; and, advising best practices for ethics consultation services (i.e. documentation, tracking, and trending).

  • Ethics Capacity Building and Education

    Interprofessional capacity building and ethics education play a central role in supporting a positive workplace environment for organizations. The following opportunities are available: provide core curriculum training in ethical awareness, imagination, and decision-making; provide education on topics of interest/relevance to the organization through in-services, debriefings, and grand rounds; support the preparation of educational and outreach materials (e.g., ethics services brochures); and, facilitate access to additional educational activities (e.g., University of Toronto Joint Centre for Bioethics Seminar Series, Ethics Week presentations, etc.).

Organizational Conflict Mediation and Coaching


Conflict within organizations is common at all levels. Through the lens of alternate dispute resolution and values-based ethics consultation, the goal of Compassionate Consultant is to work with those at the centre of the conflict to understand the contributing factors; analyze possible root causes and effects; collaboratively determine procedural options; and offer guidance to effectively manage issues and remediate the workplace. Coaching supports leaders in realizing and achieving professional goals that align with the strategic direction of the organization. These services help improve effective workflow, team communication and organizational culture.

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